Close Encounters With Whale Tails - People vs. Whales

girl slapped in the face with a whale tail
Being slapped in the face by a whale tail or flipper is more common than one might think! This first video is mine and entails a near miss that my wife had. We were on a whale watching tour on Mexico's Baja Peninsula. The close proximity and shelter of the lagoons where the whales are found means that tours can use small "Skiffs" that only hold about 10 people. Whales have been accustomed over the years to come right up to the boats. This can be quite scary at times when you have an animal swimming around that is much larger and heavier than the boat you are in! Go to our page seal riding a whale to see more photos and videos of our amazing whale watching trip.

Girl gets slapped in the face by a whale

This next video shows whale tail and face connecting, and was also filmed while touring the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. The girl was apparently fine. Here is a news article about this event.

Marine Rescuer Gets Slapped in the Face by a Humpback Whale

This man was trying to untangle the whale which had been caught in a fishing rope when the 2.5 ton whale’s flipper flew into the air and slapped him in the face. Luckily the man was unharmed but the force of the blow sent his helmet Go Pro camera flying into the sea. Here is a news article on what happened.

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