"Breathtaking interactions with nature"

The official website for my YouTube channel WhaleOfATime

An amazing journey across the sea ice to set up a diving camp
Studying orcas on the edge of the antarctic sea ice

Join us for an exercise on the southern-most active volcano on Earth
We visit one of the windiest driest places on earth

Grab a oar, jump on a berg, and go for a paddle!

We observe the mating rituals of one of the most well endowed animals on this planet.

seal riding a whale
A page dedicated to our famous viral video

adelie penguins sea ice antarctica
Spectacular images and videos of emperor and Adelie penguins.

slap in the face by whale tale
A video of a near miss that you wont want to miss!

girl swimming with whale sharks in mexico
Getting up close and personal with the largest fish on earth.
how do penguins stand up
Penguins have long bodies and short stumpy legs. How do they get back up after falling over?
Catch a sneak peek at how the birds do it

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