Whaletime.org is a website to support my Youtube channel WhaleOfATime. It is a small channel that features short videos of animals people and places where I have worked and traveled. The idea of this site is to add some more depth to the videos for those who are interested- some text, some photos, etc.

I launched this site in November 2015 after we had managed to capture video footage of a seal riding a whale. Since then I have been slowly adding content, lately from my work down in Antarctica.

I sell T-shirts, hoodies and other merchandise - designed by a friend of mine. Everything is whale / seal themed and is made and sold though spreadshirt.com which is a large and reputable online business - we make the designs, they handle the rest.

For Licensing requests of "Seal Rides a Whale" please contact Rumble.com

For all other requests and information please contact us at the address below.

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