Seal rides a whale - caught on video

The webpage dedicated to our famous viral video

Seal rides a whale

Filmed in 2015 during a whale watching tour on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico.

Gif of seal riding a whale

Meet the seal that rode the whale

Here is where I come clean: the seal is not a seal at all, but actually a sea lion. The video below shows how cute and tiny this guy is! You can also see in the video that he seems quite tired. We can speculate that by riding the whale he was just trying to take a rest.

What kind of whales are these?

This was a gray whale. These marine mammals migrate between Alaska and the lagoons of Mexico where they breed and nurse their young. Check out the video of our whale watching tour below which shows the whales coming right up along side our boat and letting us touch them. These whales are completely wild! It was one of the most amazing experience of our lives.

Where can I go to touch whales in the wild?

During the months of December to April the whales are nursing and breading in the lagoons of Baja California, Mexico. The map below shows the three main places to see them: Laguna Ojo de Liebre, San Ignacio and Magdalena. Whale watching tours are incredibly easy to arrange, last about half a day and for one of the most amazing things you will EVER do, it's a bargain at only $50US per person.

A seal riding a whale wasn't the only crazy thing that happened on the tour was it?

No! My wife was almost slapped in the face by a whale and we saw a huge whale penis! Both of these events have their own dedicated pages which you can find in the sidebar.

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